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  • Piaggio Factory


    Before Vespa

    Founded by Rinaldo Piaggio in 1884, Piaggio initially produced locomotives and railway carriages.

  • Piaggio makes bombers


    Piaggio makes bombers

    Piaggio is commissioned by the Italian government to supply their air force with bomber aircraft.

  • Piaggio makes bombers


    The Vespa (Wasp) is born

    Aeronautical engineer, Corradino D’Ascanio sold the design he was working on for an inexpensive scooter to Piaggio called the Vespa.

  • Vespas shipped to Canada


    Vespas shipped to Canada

    Vespas were shipped to North America via navy ships when sailors were posted and/or docked in Italy. They ended up in cities across Canada.

  • The Mod Scene


    The Mod Scene

    Mods were smart dressers with the latest Italian suits and shoes. Some started buying Vespas to be able to get around to Mod clubs and events.

  • Super Cruisaire Allstate


    Super Cruisaire Allstate

    Sears brought in a few Vespas in 1952 as a test of the market. These sold so well that Sears decided to begin full scale sales. The Sears Vespas were dubbed the "Super Cruisaire Allstate" and were sold from 1952 to 1967. The last year of sales in 1966-67 the Allstate was simply called the "Sears" scooter.

  • The Second Mod Movement


    The Second Mod Movement

    The Mod Revival came about with the release of The Who’s film Quadrophenia set in the heyday of the Mod scene in England 1964-65.

  • The Second Mod Movement


    Many Vespa shops close across North America

    Piaggio leaves the North American market due to strict American emission laws. Closing some shops across Canada and the USA.

  • 1985

    Many owners are left with out mechanical support.

    A UK scooter magazine started publishing in the early 80’s, called Scooter Scene with ads for scooter shops that sold parts internationally.

  • Keeping the spirit alive


    Keeping the spirit alive

    Vancouver and Toronto were the major cities with the larger populations of Vespa owners were keeping the Vespa spirit alive.

  • The Canadian Scooter Corp is formed


    The Canadian Scooter Corp is formed

    The Canadian Scooter Corp was created and started opening up shops across Canada. These shops sold various models which were quieter and automatic.

  • New and vintage Vespas on the road


    New and vintage Vespas on the road


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The Vespa has had a long and glorious history full of ups and downs. Today there is a reassurance in interest in the Vespa. Take a walk through the history of the Vespa.